Weather Policy

  • Decision to close both or either course will be made in first instance by Course Manager, in his absence the duty green keeper, or if neither available the staff in professional shop.
  • This will only occur when unusual weather conditions prevail which will either cause damage to courses or may be a safety risk to golfers.
  • During competitive play it may also be necessary to close course or courses either temporarily or for the day should weather deteriorate to a sufficient extent.
  • In such circumstances the decision to close course or to suspend play will be made by Course Manager, duty green keeper or staff in professional shop.
  • The decision to re-open or recommence play will also be at the discretion of said person/persons.
  • In conditions of either fog or lightning, it may be that play requires to also be temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • In such cases professional shop staff will sound a Klaxon and play will then be suspended.
  • One long blast indicates safe suspension of play where golfers may continue to play out hole or mark position of ball and either seek shelter or leave course.
  • Three blasts indicates immediate suspension where players must immediately leave course after marking position of ball.
  • Play will be restarted at the discretion of staff and will be indicated by 2 blasts of the Klaxon.
  • We are also aware that in certain fog conditions the visibility may vary on certain parts of course in comparison to near clubhouse. In such circumstances the onus can be with golfers in position on course, they should contact the pro shop if possible and temporarily hold their place  on the course till visibility improves sufficiently.
  • The guiding principle in terms of start of play is that the 1st green is visible from the tee.
  • Until such time the professional shop staff will not allow play to commence.
  • Flooding- in the event of any green or greens being flooded i.e the hole or surrounding area are under water to such an extent that it is impossible to hole out or to take relief from floodwater , play will then be suspended till such time as conditions improve. (Players should endeavour to contact pro shop before leaving course).
  • If play is suspended before start of competition, the duty green keeper, deputy or pro shop staff will determine the extent of any delay.
  • In such cases the following criteria will apply.
  • A delay of maximum 1 hour – competition will go ahead subject to seasonal issues and tee times pushed back accordingly. V1 app updated.
  • Should delay extend beyond 1 hour  , competition will be void and players may rebook if times available and use  the general play option .V1 app
  • Depending on time of year and predicted delay in conditions such as frost the green keeper may choose to place several holes on winter greens to allow play to start, in these circumstances, competition will be cancelled, if full course is available later in day those players starting may also choose to use the general play option.
  • In all cases of delay, suspension of play the determining factors will be , a) time of year , b) length of suspension , or length or number of temporary suspensions.
  • The pro shop staff will then have the discretion as to whether the competition will be cancelled or play finally suspended for the day.
  • In situations where scores have been returned or golfers have completed a minimum of 10 holes, scores will be treated as per Congu/ WHS guidelines.
  • All of the detailed procedures are in place to-
  • Protect golfers
  • Protect the golf courses
  • Allow as much play on the day as possible. Competitive or otherwise.

Murcar Links GC April 2021.

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