Practising on the golf courses has been defined by Council as: “having more than one ball in play; or hitting repeated shots or strokes of any kind whilst not in Club competition on either of the courses.”  Breaches of this rule will not be tolerated and anyone found contravening this will be subject to disciplinary action.

The golf courses are our greatest assets, so please look after them by observing this and other basic golfing etiquette, i.e. replace divots, repair pitch marks, keep caddy cars off tees and the fringes of greens and only use caddy cars in designated areas, leave bunkers the way you would expect to find them and enter and leave them by the shallowest part so as to not destroy the bunker faces.


  1. All players must report to the Professional to confirm their tee off time before commencing play at all times on both golf courses – there are no exceptions.
  2. Any guest may only be introduced at the reduced fee twice in each calendar month, whether by one or more members.
  3. That member must play with the introduced guest.
  4. Country, Overseas, Student and Junior Members may not introduce guests at the reduced rates.
  5. No Junior visitors are allowed unless accompanied by an adult member.
  6. In organised pre-booked outings, members are not obliged to pay green fees but may not introduce guests.
  7. Guests must be signed in by members in the appropriate book.
  8. Ordinary Members have precedence over Junior Members on the Practice Area, Practice putting green and Course.
  9. All players must adhere to the Dress and Mobile Phone Codes for the Golf Courses and the Clubhouse. Members are responsible for their guests.

Reserved Times

  1. The following regulations will normally apply. In exceptional circumstances the Professional his assistant or a member of Council may give permission to play.
  2. No play is allowed before medal play and Open Competitions on the Murcar Links Course.
  3. Either Course is reserved during times of Official Club Competitions and at such times as the Council has allowed a reservation for a visiting party.
  4. All visitors and visiting parties (but not Members’ Guests) should produce a handicap certificate to the Professional.
  5. The Murcar Links Course is reserved for Murcar members only, as follows, or up to the last competition tee time if tee times are extended:-
      1. On Saturdays until 2.30pm
    1. On Sundays until 11.00hrs
    2. On Tuesdays until 11.00hrs
    3. On Wednesdays from light until 11am and after 3.00pm – 7.00pm.
  6. The Strabathie Course is reserved for members only, ie no Visitors or Guests as follows:-
  7. On Saturdays until 15.00hrs.
  8. Strabathie Ordinary members shall have playing rights on Strabathie, and shall be restricted in playing on Murcar Links as follows and/or in such other manner as the Council may decide:-
    a) They may play twice monthly Monday to Friday and Sunday

Starting Arrangements

Members should book tee times online or via the Professional Shop on both courses at all times.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

Advance booking of tee times:

Tee times for non-medal times can be booked online or by calling the Professional’s 5 day in advance.

For Official Club Match Play Competitions, tee times at any time of the day may be booked in advance without restriction.

Match Play Competitions

Official Club Match Play Competitions should be given priority by friendly matches both on the first tee and on the Course as appropriate.  All starting times MUST be adhered to.