Saturday Medal Competitions on the Murcar Links Course (Mens and Ladies Sections)

  1. Entry to Competitions will become active 9 days (Thursdays) in advance @ 7.00pm via BRS (specific times) or Club VI (drawn medals).
  2. Members may add playing partners names via BRS, it is not seen as good practice to simply add a players name to reserve a slot.
  3. Telephone reservations are acceptable the day after the Competition booking sheet goes live (Fridays).
  4. Competitors wishing to withdraw from the Competition can do so until 5am on the day of the Competition via BRS or Club V1. After this time players must notify the Professional. Any member failing to notify his or her withdrawal may be penalised by exclusion from the following two Saturday Competitions.
  5. The Professional will maintain the time sheet via the computer located in the Professional’s shop.
  6. A member who has been reserved a tee time has not not officially entered the Competition until they sign in on the terminal located on the wall in the Clubhouse Entrance Hall. The PLAYER is responsible for their sign in. It is not acceptable to sign in either during or following completion of the Competition.
  7. Murcar members from both the Men’s Section and the Ladies’ Section will be playing their respective competitions concurrently on the Murcar Links course. Competitors in the same Competition will play together but if the numbers do not allow this, then competitors in different Competitions may play together.

Wednesday & Sunday Competitions (Mens and Ladies Section)

  1. Times can be booked online 5 days in advance
  2. On the day of a Competition, members wishing to play in the Competition must report to the Professional’s Shop and enter their name into the sign in terminal located on the wall in the Clubhouse Entrance Hall. The player is responsible for their sign in and only members who have entered their name will have entered the Competition.
  3. The Professional will issue a scorecard to the member (Mens Section).
  4. If you are on your own, the Professional will thus be able to fit you in to play with other members.
  5. Scorecards will not be issued when there is obviously insufficient light for the member to complete their round.

On Completion of the Round

  • The Club operates a computerised Competition and Handicapping system. After completion of your round participants are required to:
  • Enter your hole by hole scores into the computer terminal located in the Clubhouse Entrance Hall. A Zero should be entered against any holes either not played or started but not completed.
  • In order to complete the Playing Condition Calculation (PCC) under the World Handicapping System (WHS), all scores are required to obtain the correct calculation.
  • Sign your scorecard whether complete or not and drop it into the box beside the terminal. Please also ensure that the competitor’s name is legible at the top of the scorecard.
  • Failure to enter scores on the terminal or return the completed scorecard will result in disqualification from the competition and/or the application of a penalty score under WHS rules.