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One of the most underrated links courses in Scotland. I can’t speak highly enough about the place. The friendliness of the Club was unique. This is a Top 50 course not to be missed. An absolute must play course. It’s tremendous entertainment, all the way round.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Jim Kelechi, Head Professional, Osprey Point, Kiawah Island Golf Resort” link=” “]

“The Murcar Links’ll shred you in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to return.”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Allan McAllister Ferguson, Author” link=” “]

“Murcar and Royal Aberdeen are among the best 36 hole combinations in Scottish golf. Murcar is plain fun with lots of memorable holes…..I had the distinct feeling of playing golf inside a pinball machine.”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Asbjorn Ramnefjell” link=””]

“Murcar satisfies everybody who wants to play real links golf. I am surprised that this golf course is not as famous as it deserves, as it is a real test of golf in a very friendly atmosphere. You will enjoy the course, the scenery, the people, the restaurant – the whole club!”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Scottish Daily Record” link=””]

“A classic links challenge”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Matthew Moore” subtitle=”Golf Monthly” link=””]

“Murcar is blessed with all the ingredients necessary for great links golf”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Ludovic Pont” subtitle=”Golf European”]

“Golf at Murcar is just as challenging as it is at Royal Aberdeen, its illustrious neighbour”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Alistair Tait” subtitle=”European Bureau Chief, GOLFWEEK”]

“Quite why it lives in the shadow of Royal Aberdeen and Cruden Bay is beyond me. It is the equal of both, if not better”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”David Ayres” subtitle=”Today′s Golfer”]

“Murcar is just as you hope, expect and want Scottish links golf to be”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Bill Robertson” subtitle=”Editor, Golf Links”]

“Murcar’s fast running, undulating fairways and firm greens are the equal of its better known neighbours”

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”David Brice” subtitle=”President, Golf International Inc”]

“Royal Aberdeen is certainly a great course, but Murcar is nothing less “

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Martin Vousden” subtitle=”Editor,” link=””]

“As well as offering a genuinely good yet enjoyable test of golf, Murcar has that intangible something else – a homely, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere”


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