Health & Safety

Health and Safety Matters

Murcar Links Golf Club will make every effort to ensure that it conducts its business in a safe and healthy manner. Visitors should, however, be aware that they themselves have a responsibility for looking after their own safety whilst they are at play and that of other players, Greenkeepers or any other person.

Murcar Links Golf Club, their Members, Employees, Staff or any Representatives whomsoever, shall not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss, howsoever occasioned to any: participant, player, spectator or any other member of the public, as a result of their presence on either of the golf courses.

To this end, the Captain and Council recommend that every golfer has their own personal insurance policy.

Please find below some general guidance to assist in your safety consideration:


  • Please be aware that the Salmon Fishermen have a legal right of access to their bothy near the 2nd tee via the road down the right hand side of the 1st fairway and behind the 1st green. Under no circumstances should parked cars block this road, as the fishermen require 24 hour access. They also have a legal right of access with their tractor and bogey and thus passage over the Murcar Links course via the 3rd and the 4th holes, in order to get to their nets on the shoreline and thus their livelihood. They are also allowed to dry their lines and nets along the south boundary of the Murcar Links. They must be afforded these rights. Golfers must legally allow the Salmon Fishermen to safely pass before they play.


  • Although every effort is made to ensure that course maintenance does not interfere with your game, there may be factors out with our control that dictates when green keeping staff can carry out work. When aware that green keeping staff are working in the vicinity, please refrain from making any shot that might endanger them.


  • Players should be aware of the risk of injury from stray balls, also you should be more cautious of the additional dangers when playing beside water hazards and bunkers.
  • Extra awareness and consideration should also be taken in practice and teeing off areas and where Juniors are at play.
  • Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, players should ensure that no one is standing close enough by or in a position likely to be hit by the club, ball, turf or stone which may be moved by the stroke or swing.
  • Players should not play until all players in front are out of range.
  • If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone they should immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such situations is ‘Fore’.
  • You are advised to dress appropriately for the climate you will be playing in, and where relevant you must adhere to the Club’s own dress code or code of practice.


  • Any vehicle parked in the car park is done so entirely at your own risk. The Club does not accept responsibility for any vehicle damaged by misplayed balls or other vehicles etc. There are a number of spaces available for disabled drivers. These spaces should only be occupied by people with a valid disabled sticker or special dispensation from the Council of Murcar Links Golf Club. There are a number of spaces reserved for specific Club officials if these spaces could be respected that would be greatly appreciated.


  • Notices are displayed in the interest of safety throughout the premises please ensure you familiarise yourself with them and in the action that must be taken ie follow instructions as directed in fire evacuation and first aid notices.
  • Please report any accidents, incident and near misses to club personnel.
  • Supervision of children/young person is strictly the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  • Please consider the security of the Clubhouse and keep the entrance doors closed.
  • The Club does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property whilst it is within the Clubhouse.
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